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Where has the time gone??? Gluten Free 1st Birthday party!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’m sorry for that. The last 9 months have flown by. Our little baby just turned 1 on November 8. It was exciting for us, she of course just loved the wrapping paper. We had 2 birthday parties for her. On Thursday – her actual birthday -she,  her big sister and her daddy and I had a photo shoot. We did a “cake shoot” where after taking regular family photos (and by regular I mean really wonderful photos thanks to our awesome photographer Sarah). The cake shoot consisted of stripping down our kiddo to her diaper and placing her and her gluten free cake (I made it myself with sugar free frosting – I was afraid to over sugar her!)  in the middle and waiting to see what would happen. Initially she tried to pick up the entire thing and flip it over but luckily she wasn’t able to, so instead she slowly started to destroy it. I had to get her going because it seemed like she was almost afraid to get dirty (which is so unusual for her) by the end though she was COVERED in frosting, in fact even a couple days and few baths later she was still stained hot pink between her fingers and toes from the frosting (oops). But it faded in time for her second First Birthday party.

Her second First Birthday was all family and friends – 26 in total I think. Her great grandma, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, cousins and our friends and their children all showed up to help us celebrate. We decided to keep everything gluten free since I have Celiac Disease and we don’t know for certain if she too has Celiac Disease so we have decided that she will be gluten free until we can have a test that tells us for certain if she is Celiac or not. Her everyday life is gluten free, not just this… But I digress. I was nervous about making everything gluten free because some of our family tends to pre-judge gluten free food and they hate it before they even try it. So I didn’t mention that everything was gluten free to those people. Instead we just went with it. I spent the day before making homemade chicken nuggets (half I used gf Bisquick, the other half Hodgson’s Mill gf seasoned coating – both were great!), pigs in a blanket using Hebrew National hot dogs (the only hot dogs worth eating!), Sweet & Sour meatballs, bbq mini sausage links, Yellow cupcakes & Red Velvet cupcakes (with Mickey & Minnie sugar decorations on top from Wilton) and Pillsbury cream cheese frosting, sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. Fruit tray, Veggie tray, Cheese platter, 2 kinds of chips (Kettle cooked potato & On The Border’s tortilla chips) with salsa, creamy salsa, vegetable dip, & meat roll ups… Yeah, sure it was a little more work than going to the local pizza place or sub shop and ordering platters but I didn’t mind the extra work to guarantee that my daughter and I wouldn’t get sick. And, the best part? The biggest skeptic about gluten free food went back for seconds and had no idea that everything he was eating (including the loads of cookies he ate) were gluten free.

The food was awesome, there weren’t a lot of leftovers and there should have been because our RSVP list was over 30 & some people weren’t able to show up at the last minute – so we did really great.

Out little one ate very little, there was just too much going on for her to take the time to eat. It was awesome, the food was great, I had no stress about cross contamination and I’m kind of sad it’s all over. Want more details on the food we served? Just let me know!


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